Several Linn-Mar families are taking their complaints about the school's football program to the Iowa Board of Educational Examiners. The move comes after the school district dismissed the accusations after an in-house investigation.

The group has accused Linn-Mar assistant coach Matt Casebolt with verbal, mental, emotional and physical abuse. They have charged head football coach Bob Forsyth of being in charge of the football program when the incidents took place. They're also holding athletic director Scott Mahmens responsible for the department.

The families took their cases to the school district in early December. Several families received letters this week saying that their complaints were being dismissed due to insufficient evidence. There are around 20 families that have filed complaints. Most of the alleged incidents occurred last summer and fall, but many parents maintain there is a long history of abuse within the program. The first complaint was filed in 2011.

The BOEE is the same board that investigated allegations within the Cedar Rapids Washington football program. Head Coach Tony Lombardi was stripped of his coaching license for one year.