Congratulations Iowa! When it comes to flu outbreaks this year, we're one of the healthiest. Just don't leave state borders.

I was looking at some stats on the CDC website, in an area called "FluView". You can slide a little bar across the top and see week to week how each state ranks in terms of flu-like illness reporting.  Great news for Iowa, going back as far as October 9, the color doesn't change at all. We're a solid green, meaning a minimal risk.Nice! Just don't leave state borders, especially to the South or East.


Since the beginning of November, Illinois has continued to have an elevated activity level of flu like symptoms, with last week being one of its worst.  Missouri has also been more "sick" than Iowa, although not as bad as Illinois.  Travel to Wisconsin or Nebraska has about the same risk as Iowa, while Minnesota was risky over the holidays, but that has come back down since then.

I can attest to the Illinois problem. We headed there this past weekend, and now our whole house is battling some ailment, even if it's mainly cold symptoms.  Coincidence... I'm kind of thinking maybe not.

Stay healthy Iowa.