A six-year-old Des Moines boy was part of a new show on NBC tonight called, "Little Big Shots." The show features kids who are doing incredible things at a young age. This little guy definitely qualifies.

Jaemarc Shabazz is the conductor of his school choir at Joshua Christian Academy. Don't believe me? Watch for yourself in the videos below. Last year, he was featured by a Des Moines television station:

Here's part of Jaemarc in action tonight on the new NBC show. Note it's a preview piece put out by the show and doesn't include his entire appearance. Admittedly, though, the rest was he and host Steve Harvey joking back and forth. The part that shows off his talents is here:

"Little Big Shots" appears to have all the makings of a huge hit. The executive producers of the show are Ellen DeGeneres and Harvey... both know a thing or two about comedy. Add kids doing remarkable things and it certainly seems like a winning formula. Having a young boy from Iowa on opening night made it all the better.

[via NBC Television, KCCI and Variety]