The Iowa City Zombie Burger was supposed to open Thursday, December 8, but that's going to be delayed. Why? The first corridor location is simply too popular.

Adam Bartlet, marketing director for Orchestrate Hospitality, told the Iowa City Press-Citizen the reason is because of "overwhelming response to our Zombie Burger location at Coral Ridge Mall." Zombie Burger opened the Coral Ridge Mall location first as a training ground, if you will, for the downtown Iowa City location. However, they've been so busy at the Food Court location at Coral Ridge, Zombie Burger needs more employees at their only corridor location a little longer.

So how long will you have to wait? Not long. The opening of the location at 229 South Dubuque Street is set for next Tuesday, December 13. Until then, you'll have to wait for these goodies, unless you go to Coral Ridge, of course.

[via Iowa City Press-Citizen]