She is able to walk, talk, see, and hear, all things that doctors said she'd never do. They also didn't think she'd survive. Next week, she turns 13.

Haley Willis is from Shell Rock. She was born with a third of her brain missing and has been amazing doctors ever since. Haley is clearly a fighter.

Haley's mom, Lynel Willis, told KWWL "The doctor came in laid his hand on my leg and said there is something wrong with your baby. The head did not close and there is a large sack growing behind the head called an encephalocele. It's a Neural Tube defect. There's very little chance of survival. They removed the encephalocele the day after she was born and they said she would never see, hear, walk or talk and that we should just take her home after four days in the Nic-U and said to enjoy her she will be gone in two weeks."

Where does Haley get all that fight that has her doing so many things doctors said she never would? A large part of it has to come from her mom, who was less than five months pregnant when doctors said she should end her pregnancy with Haley. Lynel wouldn't do it.

Lynel said doctors called Haley, "a fluke. They said her chromosomes were normal, our chromosomes were normal and just said she shouldn't be here and obviously she wasn't a fluke she was meant to be here."

Haley couldn't agree with her mom more, saying "I am not a fluke."

No one can explain how Haley can walk, talk, see, and hear. No one except her mom, that is. Lynel knows, "There's just a place that science stops and a higher power enters in."

Haley's 13th birthday is fast approaching and the family created a GoFundMe page to raise money for a special 2-seater bicycle so she can ride with her younger sisters. They're less than $400 from their goal. If you'd like, you can help out here. At the very least, I hope you take some inspiration from a little girl who every day does one thing after another that no one ever thought she could.

Haley, I hope you have a fantastic 13th birthday on July 9. That just happens to be my birthday too.

[via KWWL]