One lucky Iowa resident is getting a $1,000,000 dollar check. The only question is who?

According to KCCI, Publisher's Clearing House has announced that a resident of Urbandale will be presented with the seven-digit check on Friday. This comes just two months after Iowa had another winner, the LARGEST in Publisher's Clearing House history.

Ryan Hart of Osceola won $5,000 a week, forever. Not just his forever, but for the lifetime of someone else he chooses. Let's say, Ryan, who's 21, lives to age 80. That's 59 years or 3,068 checks for $5,000. Add it all up and that's $15,340,000! And that's only the first generation of what Publisher's Clearing House says is a two-generation award.

I honestly can't remember the last time I received an entry form from PCH which begs one question. How do I get myself back on that mailing list!?

[via Publisher's Clearing House and KCCI]