Iowa is one of only two remaining unbeaten teams in the FBS and they've moved into position to be part of the college football playoff in the new rankings just released.

Iowa, following a 20-point win over Purdue Saturday at Kinnick Stadium, moved from number five to number four in the new rankings. One thing that could've hurt the Hawkeyes was Wisconsin's loss, which dropped them out of the Top 25. Both Wisconsin and Northwestern have lost to Iowa and both were in the Top 25 last week. Wisconsin dropping out doesn't appear to have hurt the Hawkeyes.

The new rankings show two other things of interest. Oklahoma vaulted from number seven to number three after beating a TCU team that was without its starting quarterback, Trevone Boykin. Boykin is widely regarded to be one of the best players in college football. Oklahoma's win over a Boykin-less Horned Frogs squad was worthy of vaulting the Sooners up four spots? Sorry Bobby Stoops, it seems like a little too much love to me. However, as a former Hawkeye I'll give you a pass.

The other big change was Notre Dame dropping from four to six, despite a win over Boston College. In all honesty, though, that doesn't bother me in the slightest. Sorry Irish.

Iowa continues to take things one game at a time and there's little doubt... win two more and Iowa is part of the College Football Playoff. Is this heaven? No, it's being an Iowa football fan in 2015.

Iowa is also featured on a regional cover of Sports Illustrated this week. You can see the cover photo at the bottom. And that's ALL I'm going to say about that. GO HAWKS, beat the Huskers! Is it Friday afternoon yet?!

  1. Clemson (11-0)
  2. Alabama (10-1)
  3. Oklahoma (10-1)
  4. Iowa (11-0)
  5. Michigan State
  6. Notre Dame
  7. Baylor
  8. Ohio State
  9. Stanford
  10. Michigan
  11. Oklahoma State
  12. Florida
  13. Florida State
  14. North Carolina
  15. Navy
  16. Northwestern (beaten by Iowa)
  17. Oregon
  18. Ole Miss
  19. TCU
  20. Washington State
  21. Mississippi State
  22. UCLA
  23. Utah
  24. Toledo
  25. Temple