Most Iowans would like to forget the 2016 Rose Bowl game. Iowa came up on the short end in the game, and then felt insulted during the Stanford band's halftime performance. But one Iowa lawmaker isn't letting it go. He wants an apology.

Senator Mark Chelgren of Ottumwa introduced a proposal Wednesday calling for a public apology from Stanford for it's actions during the Rose Bowl game, and for derogatory remarks made about Iowans and Hawkeye fans. Chelgren stated that if Stanford's president fails to make amends, all future collaborations and cooperation with the school will be prohibited. Chelgren stated that he wouldn't end any current agreements the two schools have. Stanford has stood by their band's performance saying only they felt regret if Iowan's took offense.

Listen, I didn't appreciate Stanford's obvious mocking of farming and of Iowans in general. It just added salt to the wound of an already miserable Rose Bowl experience. But lets get a couple things straight. Stanford is NOT going to apologize for the performance. First of all, their band is not a university sanctioned group like Iowa's marching band is, therefore the blame can't be extended to Stanford University. Secondly, this bill is never going to get passed through the state senate. I suppose many Iowans will agree with the sentiment, but I think we all can agree that there a far more important issues that need our governments attention.


[via Cedar Rapids Gazette]