I love going to the library. When you walk into your local library, you can count on finding a multitude of entertainment, adventure, and maybe even some historic architecture and design under one roof --and it's all free. It's been said libraries are dying with the increase in availability and function of technology. To stay relevant, many are reinventing themselves to keep up with that technology while still maintaining their old-school significance.

The website Only In Your State has recently named a library in Iowa as one of the world's "most majestic", and from the photos you can see why. It would be fun to visit someday.


Meanwhile, I'll just have to keep getting my library fix right here in Cedar Rapids, at a place that is pretty special and majestic in its own right.


Do you enjoy spending time at the library? What are some of the favorite ones you've been to? Share your thoughts (and photos) in the comments and let us know.


[Via Only In Your State]