This holiday season in Muscatine, an Iowa business owner was in the giving spirit. He offered jobs to two young men he'd seen standing on the corner asking for money. When they turned him down twice, he joined them with his own sign.

His sign reads, "Offered These Guys a Job. They Said No. Don't Give Money."

The man's name is Mike Pothoff. He told WQAD, "There's a lot of women and kids that aren't going to have a lot for Christmas... and it upsets me that we have younger kids, or people who can work, that are doing that."

Pothoff says he has no problem with panhandlers but wants to make sure they really do need help. He also says this wasn't the first time he's offered panhandlers a job, and it won't be the last.

WSMV Channel 4

In Muscatine, just like in Cedar Rapids, panhandling is allowed as long as those collecting money aren't aggressive.

[via WQAD]