Emily Mensen, a writer for The Odyssey Online, wrote a touching letter in regards to a tragic hit and run that happened on the campus of Iowa State University in December.

"Dear Unknown Person,

On Dec. 14, 2015, you were driving on Iowa State University's campus. It was dark and raining. You hit my classmate, my coworker, my friend, Emmalee Jacobs, on that morning. She laid in the middle of the road, in pain, until she was found. She did not survive."

You may remember hearing about Emmalee Jacobs, a Center Point-Urbana graduate, in the news last month. She was the victim of a tragic hit and run that occurred in Ames. Her body was found at the intersection of Lincoln Way and Ash Avenue at about 7:04 am on December 14th, with the vehicle that hit her nowhere to be found. There were no eyewitness to the accident, and the driver has still not come forward. Emily Mensen, a friend of Emmalee and a writer for The Odyssey Online, used the website to voice her personal thoughts on the horrible accident, and it has since gone viral. She writes in the letter:

"CPU has been hit with multiple lives lost too soon. University of Northern Iowa has had multiple lives lost this year as well. Iowa State University has lost life too. As of right now, there is no closure. We all are still wondering and asking questions. All of the other lives lost have had answers, except Emmalee's. Please, come forward."

You can read the full letter HERE.

Please continue to share the letter, and hopefully, it will reach the guilty party so that they may come forward. Many thoughts and prayers to Emmalee's friends and family.

[Via Des Moines Register]