A case drawing attention around the U.S. this week has garnered a coven of witches plenty of attention. And it all started here in eastern Iowa.

Marie Elizabeth Hexen (ironic, isn't it) of Wilton, Iowa, who says generations of people in her family have been witches, started it all. She and a dozen other witches in her coven planned to put a hex on Brock Turner. He's the former Stanford University swimmer convicted of raping an unconscious woman last year. Prosecutors asked the judge for a six-year jail term and instead he was given six months. Now, the Washington Post says the Santa Clara County Department of Corrections says he'll likely serve only three months. Seemingly all of the U.S. wants to know how that's possible, myself included. The witches decided to take matters into their own hands, so to speak.

The coven of witches Hexen belongs to decided to put a hex on Turner. Hexen told the Des Moines Register the 13 witches "use Facebook events as a calendar basically. We put it up there so we all knew the date and the time and so people in the coven who can't join in person could join online.” What they didn't realize was that thousands of other witches would join in. Once again, behold the power of social media and a bunch of very angry people.

Is hexing common in witchcraft? Not according to Hexen who says she's only been part of three in three decades. Congratulations on your choice ladies, I hope it works. You couldn't have picked a better target than this scum bag:

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