Megan knows where she was born in the Hawkeye state April 28, 1985, and that her birth mother was about 16 at that time. Now, she's asking for help finding her.

Megan Hejlik was born at St. Joseph Hospital in Mason City, Iowa on that April day in the mid-80's. Her given name at birth was Vanessa. She wants to know more. She wants to find mom. Megan's 10-year-old son, Ethan, took the picture she's posted on Instagram and Facebook:

Megan now works as a nurse at Mercy Medical Center–North Iowa. It's the very place she was born. She tells the Mason City Globe Gazette, ".... I take care of people every day and I go through their history and your family medical history is a big deal."

Hejlik's tried to find her birth mother for a long time. She’s registered on websites that reunite kids with birth families. No success. She attempted to have the closed adoption unsealed. That didn't work, either.

Megan  knows the Iowa Department of Human Services arranged her adoption in 1985 to Jack and Cheryl Eno. She calls her adoptive parents, "the best." Still, she wants to find her birth mother. She has so much she wants to tell her. So much she wants to know. Only "mom" knows all the answers. Hejlik tells the Globe Gazette, "There are so many things I want to share with her. And, just would love to hear her perspective on everything and maybe develop a friendship.”

Please share this story. It could be the share that reunited Megan, born Vanessa, with her mom. Her 31st birthday is at the end of this month and I'd sure love to see it happen by then. There's no question it would be the greatest gift Megan's ever received.

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