A 24-year-old woman from central Iowa was shot by her 26-year old brother while they traveled to a family gathering.

It's an incredibly sad story. Megan Quinn Sloss, a University of Iowa graduate student, was driving with her brother Spencer in the passenger seat last weekend.

According to a Wednesday press release from the Sac County Sheriff's Office, the two planned to go target shooting and were talking about how to tear down and clean a gun. Spencer tells authorities he was demonstrating with a Sig Sauer 9mm when it discharged, striking Megan in the hip. The two were traveling at near highway speed at the time and Spencer had to climb over the arm rest to bring the vehicle to a stop. He then called 911 and got his sister out of the vehicle. A doctor who was driving by stopped and provided assistance. Megan was taken to a hospital in Sac City before being airlifted to Mercy Medical Center in Des Moines. She died there a short time later.

Spencer Sloss does have a valid permit to carry in Guthrie County. No charges have been filed. The case remains under investigation with the Sac County Sheriff's Office and the Iowa Department of Criminal Investigation.

Twigg Funeral Home

Megan's obituary at Twigg Funeral Home states that she was a master's student studying social services at the University of Iowa. She had planned to spend her career helping kids and adults in need. She was working at IowaKidSight and the University of Iowa Hospital at the time of her death. It went on to say, "Megan's greatest love was her family. She was her mom's best friend and her dad's little girl. She grew up with two older brothers who at first taught her to be tough, and then protected and cherished her and she them... She loved children and they gravitated to her. She spent time at the University of Denver and fell in love with the mountains. She was the homecoming queen, a beautiful dancer, a teacher, a good friend to many and a lover of the little things in life. She had an uncommon devotion to God and her Church. She had a beautiful and kind spirit that touched many lives."

[via Twigg Funeral Home and Sac County Sheriff's Office Facebook]