I really am trying to cut down on sugar, but like Al Pacino says in "Godfather 3" it's not easy..."they keep pulling me back in!"

Of course, I'm not referring to gun-toting mobsters. My weakness is candy. All kinds. Especially chocolate. But there's a lot to admire in a good piece of licorice. Or caramel. Or taffy.

Just about anything made with quality coco, pure cane sugar and love can hook me within seconds. And after spending a good amount of time recently in the Quad Cities, I've come to cherish candy shops.

Nestled in downtown Moline, a block away from the iWireless Center is the famous storefront candy store Lagomarcino's. It is legendary for it's selection and a must-stop if I'm going to a concert.

Another great candy shop is a bit longer of a journey. But who wouldn't travel a half-day to savor the flavors at Palmer's Candy in Sioux City, Iowa.

According to the website Only In Your State, Palmer's in Sioux City is one of the oldest candy shops anywhere and boasts of it's multi-generational family history. And just look at all that chocolate goodness.

Of course if you prefer to stay closer to home Cedar Rapids has one of the finest stores for chocolate called Sweetopia. Their selection is incredibly creative and delicious.

You want to try some awesome Sweetopia treats? Look for them at Baconfest, where they combine the two best things in the world: chocolate and bacon!

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