Summer is here and the smell of outdoor grills firing up is one the best aromas, ranking right up there with fresh cut grass and lilacs. Ahhhh, BBQ season is here again!

The next time your smug, out-of-state friends start bragging about their state’s BBQ Sauce reputation, remind them that not ALL sauces come from Kansas City and St. Louis. Here in Iowa we are slathering on some award-winning, tangy sweet stuff that even the snobbiest of BBQ fans will admit, is pretty darn good!

Whether your healthy addiction leans toward a smoky, spicy or even a mild and fruity flavored sauce, there is sure to be one that will please you in the choices below.

So grab a pair of long tongs, and a glass of ice cold lemonade. You've got grilling to do! Here are five Iowa-made BBQ sauces to sample and then to boast about to your family and friends:



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    Online shopping never tasted so good! Hawgeye's is a one-stop shop for sauces, rubs, and marinades. They also stock smokers and grills, woods and pellets...a real BBQ lovers mail-order dream come true!

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    Big Daddy BBQ Sauce

    Three generations of family members have kept Big Daddy's reputation for mouth-watering BBQ and secret spicy creations alive by shipping the award-winning sauce to fans and foodies across the country,

    Tara Walton/Getty Images
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    Russ and Frank's BBQ Sauce

    Russ and Frank's BBQ sauces have won a lot of awards and their tomato based sauces range from mild, to sassy, to fiery and beyond.

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    Oinker's BBQ Sauce

    From the Heart of Iowa Marketplace website, Oinker's is described as uniquely sweet and spicy.

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    Big Mo Cason BBQ Sauce

    Big Mo is a self-taught Pitmaster, passionate about the integrity of his barbecue. Mo's sauces are made from scratch, using the freshest ingredients. Good enough to use at competitions, but made for the everyday, backyard cook.