November 19, 1997, Bobbi and Kenny McCaughey became known around the world as the parents of the first set of septuplets to ever survive past infancy. This Sunday, they'll make up a large segment of their high school's graduation class.

The McCaughey septuplets Brandon, Joel, Nathan, Kenny Jr., Natalie, Alexis and Kelsey will be part of Sunday's graduating class in Carlisle, Iowa, population 3,876.

Let's look back, via Oprah Winfrey.

The Des Moines Register reports Nathan plans to enlist in the Army, Kenny Jr. will enroll at Des Moines Area Community College and the remaining five may accept an offer from Hannibal-LaGrange University in Missouri for a free education.

Last fall, just before they seven celebrated their 18th birthday, the family appeared on NBC's Today:

The kids talk about their lives, and each other, in this wonderful video that was produced just before their 18th birthday last fall.

Bobbi and Kenny, you amaze us. You made us Iowa proud when we first learned of you all those years ago. We've always wondered how you'd do it. Now we simply wonder how you have. Clearly, you've raised seven amazing kids.

Let's hope the world doesn't lose track of these kids and their parents when they head in different directions. Difficult as it will be, it will be happening very soon.

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