A $2 million dollar land purchase certainly makes it look that way.

Our news partner, CBS 2, reports that the 5,900 square-foot Perkins restaurant building at 315 Collins Road Northeast in Cedar Rapids was purchased by SCF Realty Capital of Plano, Texas earlier this month. The price? A whopping $2,029,489.

What that almost certainly means is another restaurant closing along one of the busiest stretches of pavement in the city. If that happens, it will also mean the loss of another favorite breakfast spot, following the closing of Village Inn just over four months ago. However, a Perkins manager contacted by CBS 2 said they weren't aware of plans to close.

Burger King: Gone with its former location partially replaced by a Jared the Galleria of Jewelry (still under construction). Pizza Hut: Closed less than two months ago and the building still sitting idle. Village Inn: Gone and replaced by Panda Express (still under construction). Perkins appears to be next along an ever-changing Collins Road.

[via CBS 2]