It was a big morning for Good Morning America, as the cast for the new season of "Dancing With The Stars" was to be named.  And there was so much hype, as once again, this was to be the "Best Cast Ever" for the "Perfect 10th" year of the show, and big 20th season.  But the announcement instead seemed to prove this may be the FINAL season. Have you seen the cast?

Ever since the show was launched, I think we've all had to ask, "Where are the Stars?"  Season after season we see a new list of B and C level stars, with the occasional D level star, with a casual A level athlete or Olympic star.  But this year seems depleted of even the B and C's, including the athletes.  Sure, there's some known names including Patti LaBelle and Suzanne Summers, but when was the last time they were relevant?  20 years ago maybe?  As for the pro athletes, Michael Sam is more known for headlines than NFL performance. And although Nastia Lukin is a Gold medalist, she's not entirely recent, and wasn't an "American Sweetheart" like Kristy Yamaguchi or Shawn Johnson.

There's the obligatory network plug/cross-promote Robert Herjavec from Shark Tank.  There's also the pop culture/younger audience celebrity, which this year is Redfoo of LMFAO, a band who split over 2 years ago after being a more or less "one hit wonder".

Other "Stars" include:

  • Rumer Willis - a celeb daughter that's NOT a Hilton or Kardashian (but almost makes the headlines like one)
  • Willow Shields - a cast member from one of the hottest movies, Hunger Games (although a minor character, "Primrose"... and true "minor", being the youngest celeb ever on DWTS)
  • Charlotte McKinney - a model best known for a Superbowl commercial
  • Riker Lynch - the unknown brother of a decently known Disney star, Ross Lynch, who's only "famous" because he's a part of the teeny-bopper family band Ross fronts.

What a list, huh.  Seriously? By the way, one more star will soon be announced... which we're almost certain will be our Iowa Bachelor, Chris Soules.

I might mention the cast rounds out with Noah Galloway, who I will not degrade by any means.  Though he may not be a "celebrity" in the general expectation, he is a great American who has proudly served our country and given up and arm and leg for freedom, and has now become a motivational speaker.  (Although, I personally feel the show "uses" stories like his to simply bring in the sympathy viewing.)

So sure, the cast is missing the "Star" power worse than other years. But why does that mean the show has given up?  It's because they've clearly already picked the winner, which I'll predict right now as Nastia Lukin.  I mean, they might as well have just handed her the mirror ball this morning.  While the rest of the cast was being announced in LA, GMA got the in studio exclusive with Nastia, which already sets her apart from the rest of the group.  Plus, she's an Olympian known for her grace.  On top of that, they pair her with the winning-est and possibly most popular coach, Derek Hough.  When compared to her cast mates, and HOW it was announced, it just seems pretty obvious.

I'm sure Michael Sam will also do well, as NFLers almost always do.  It would not surprise me if Redfoo rounded out the top 3, as he'skinda know for some dance moves. (Get ready for the "everyday I'm shuffling" routine).

I just don't get why the show can't get stars like Betty White, Ellen Degeneres, John Legend, Melissa McCarthy, or even Ed Sheeran (especially based off his Thinking Out Loud video).  Sure, they're still active in their careers for the most part, but at least they'd be fun... and STARS!

Who would you put on your dream DWTS cast?  Comment below.