They are two of the biggest names in comedy. Jeff Foxworthy and Larry the Cable Guy have both made enough money throughout their careers that they didn't need to be in Cedar Rapids, Iowa on a Sunday night. But there they were, performing for another larger crowd. Why? Because they still love to do it. I'd seen my share of performances from Larry and Jeff on TV throughout the years but had never seen either of the live before. It was worth the wait.

The dynamic between the two comedians is easy to identify. Foxworthy came out first and settled into his set about the differences between men and women, and things you can't 'google'. Foxworthy has always done a great job of weaving real life into his jokes. His humor is relatable. I did find it a bit odd that the man the made his fortune on the phrase 'You might be a Redneck...' didn't utter the phrase all night. Well, almost the whole night.

Larry the Cable Guys brings a whole different kind of humor to the stage. Some may call it 'juvenile', or rude. I like to call them 'Fart Jokes'. Yes, a lot of it is bathroom humor but sometimes we all need to laugh at that too. After getting the obligatory 'Git Er Done' out of the way, Larry talked about...well...a lot of things! While Jeff Foxworthy will tell a story to set up the eventual punchline, Larry will deliver one liner after one liner hoping that you find at least most of them humorous. Personally, I did. But that's just me. I'm a 'Fart Joke' kind of guy.

The last part of the show was when the two were back on stage together for a brief question and answer session. It featured a fifth-grade teacher trying to get Foxworthy to admit he wasn't as smart as a fifth grader. Jeff had to remind her he was just the host. One woman in the audience got to show off her designs for 'Redneck Underwear'. The two seem genuinely amused. But perhaps the moment of the night came when an audience member told Foxworthy a new 'Redneck' joke. She told the story of something her husband had done this winter saying, "if you mow your might be a redneck". Foxworthy was impressed and asked the gentleman to come forward for his prize. You guessed it. Two coupons to Golden Corral Buffet.