Drake's "Hotline Bling" was nothing short of a sensation in 2015, receiving new remixes and parodies with each passing month. And on Wednesday night (Jan. 13), Jimmy Fallon, host of The Tonight Show, added to the song's legend by performing it as folk musician Bob Dylan. Fallon, who is known for his impersonations and musical renderings is dressed in full Dylan garb, playing the harmonica and guitar as a shaky hand-held camera records the performance.

Fallon later took to Twitter to confirm that the performance was in fact live, despite the intentionally grainy quality of the footage. "Our performance tonight was LIVE. For real - this was live. Hope you like it. #DylanSingsDrake," Fallon wrote.

While "Hotline Bling" continues to assert its relevancy month after month, it is not up for any Grammy Awards at February's ceremony. The song was never registered with the academy, with Bill Freimuth, the Head of Awards for the ceremony citing the time it took for the song to increase in popularity. "I think our members just didn’t foresee the incredible success that that song has had, and they focused instead on his other work," Freimuth said in an interview in December. Drake's diss toward Meek Mill, "Back to Back" was nominated however, for Best Rap Performance.

While the two songs continue to generate buzz for Drake, the rapper recently expressed commitment toward finishing his upcoming album Views From the 6. Noah “40” Shebib, his in-house producer and longtime collaborator recently posted a cryptic photo to Instagram suggesting that album was near completion. While fans wait, Fallon's cover will have to suffice.

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