Look up.

The next time you find yourself in Jones County, you may find you are being observed by a Drone being operated by the Sherriff's Department. So don't let yourself be caught scratching, picking or flicking anything - basically doing something you wouldn't want others to see.

According to CBS2 News, the two newly purchased high-tech units appear to have a lot to offer, say public safety officials.

Jones County Sheriff Gary Graver says drones will help during emergency situations: locating missing people, viewing vehicle accidents and surveying storm damage from an aerial view.

Additionally, the Sheriff department reports that it did not use tax dollars to purchase drones or the remote control equipment.

I agree that local police agencies using drones for the purposes stated above is a great idea. Beyond that, I doubt there is much that can be done to prevent the expansion of use of this type of technology.

So the next time you're heading that way, look up. And smile for the camera!

[source CBS2 News]