Earlier this week, I reached out to Greg Graver, Jones County Sheriff, concerning events at the Great Jones County Fair Saturday night, involving Florida Georgia Line. This morning, I received this statement.

"Due to the high number of requests I am receiving on answering questions, I am writing this as my final release and comment related to Florida Georgia Line. I will have no further comment after this release.

On Saturday 7-23-2016 the country group Florida Georgia Line (F.G.L.) was the headlining act at the Great Jones County Fair in Monticello, IA. Upon arriving on the fairgrounds in the early evening, I was behind stage before the show looking for a representative for F.G.L. I was attempting to contact them to see what security details they were requesting from the Jones County Sheriff's Office. I was unaware of any requests they had made to law enforcement at previous shows, prior to them arriving on the Jones County Fair Grounds.

Upon arriving backstage, I was met by a Jones County Fair Security Officer, who was assigned backstage for the evening. He stated that a representative with F.G.L. had requested no uniformed presence behind stage. No reason was given and I felt I did not need one. The request for no uniformed presence behind stage is rare, but does happen. I don't have to, but I generally honor their request.

Jones County Deputies were assigned locations. They were located in the crowd and out in front of the stage. This is where they remained during the duration of the F.G.L. show. On two occasions I received two requests from representatives with F.G.L. for an escort to their tour buses off of the fairgrounds and out to the highway. I did decline both of their requests. The decision to decline was mine and mine only. Both requests were made through Jones County Fair Security personnel.

I was not aware of F.G.L. making any anti-law enforcement rhetoric prior to the arriving at the Jones County Fair. I witnessed no anti-law enforcement rhetoric by anyone working for, or by F.G.L. themselves. To make the conclusion that F.G.L. is anti-law enforcement based off of what occurred at our county fair may not be accurate. I do not take personally what occurred with F.G.L. and I certainly do not encourage or condone any type of hateful rhetoric. My only apology though is to the people of Jones County for this taking away from what was a safe, successful, and well attended Jones County Fair."

Greg A Graver,
Jones County Sheriff

Yesterday afternoon, Florida Georgia Line released this statement via Instagram.