The art of juggling has always amazed me.  I can remember back to maybe 2nd or 3rd grade when they tried to teach us how to juggle scarves.  Unfortunately, I was never able to get it.  So when we had the opportunity to learn juggling from a Cirque du Soleil performer, I couldn't pass up the opportunity.  And surprise, I nailed it! (Well, kind of).  In full honesty, I was hoping they'd have us juggle scarves.  But out came these white orbs.  Uh-oh.  I can juggle 2 of em, with 2 hands... or so I thought.  Unfortunately, the toss/pass method is entirely wrong however.  So after a few attempts, a little "disco" inspiration, and an imaginary "stick in the sky" to stare at, I was catching on.  Then out comes a third.  And...  Well, just watch.

Cirque du Soliel is at the US Cellular Center starting November 19th, and tickets are still available to see em, and catch REAL juggling, like that of me teacher, one of the show's performers.  Catch this sneak peek to see what HE can do.  WOW!