I must say last night's halftime show was not one to disappoint.  I'll even go on record saying it was one of the best ones ever. I know some disagree, so let's take a look at why she takes the crown.

The Giant Lion Entrance

There have been many to remark how "corny" this Lion was.  Some even speculating what was going to come out from inside the "Trojan Horse".  Others were mocking the slow motion, and the men in black moving the thing.  Instead of nitpicking, take a step back.  When you think of the Superbowl, and the halftime as one of the biggest "concert" spectacles, it should be larger than life, and this HUGE lion fits the bill.  Yes, it moved slow, but it had to hit the timing right. As for Katy's outfit, yeah, kinda odd, and deserving of the criticism.  I DO wish there would've been a surprise from the "Trojan Horse".  Taylor Swift would've made for a cool moment.

The 3D Projection on the Floor

To my previous point, the halftime show should be on par to Olympic Ceremonies, and this element with the chessboard during "Dark Horse" was definitely straight from the past couple opening ceremonies.


If there's one thing that the rock band KISS is known for, it's their amazing stage shows, and use of pyrotechnics.  It's even what sets Trans Siberian Orchestra apart from the rest. It just adds this extra, crazy, SuperBowl worthy element. And when you're rocking out with Lenny Kravitz, it fits nicely.  Let's not also forget the Fireworks to close the show as well.  (However, fireworks have pretty much become a staple of every kind of stadium show now a days, and we're totally expected, so I'm not giving them much credit.)

Dancing Sharks, Trees, and Beach Balls

Okay, I give you that these were extremely cheesy, BUT, it IS Katy Perry, and that's part of who she is.  Plus the kids loved it, and it made you laugh at the goofiness, which is more than many of the commercials did. (They just needed the left shark to practice more.)


Aerials On A Shooting Star

The biggest factor of why this show was one of the best though, is less about Katy Perry, and more about the overall spectacle.  The Halftime show, no matter the performer, must entertain and be a spectacle, not just a concert with special guests, and that's what this was.  It's why I'll continue to go see Taylor Swift, and would love to see KISS and Lady Gaga someday.  It's a show.  I might not love the singer, but when you're fully entertained, you overlook some of that.  It's the same reason I unfortunately get bored at so many concerts where the performers just stand and sing, maybe pace the stage...blah.  So props to Katy and the producers for putting together one of the best shows yet.