Why is it that warm weather brings that old, familiar sound parents know too well. Kids complaining "there's nothing to do!"

Krazy Kids

At the risk of sounding like the old guy telling kids to "get off my lawn" I must say that outdoor activity was my #1 thing to do when I was growing up. Neighborhood parks were packed with kids playing games, open fields were converted into makeshift baseball diamonds, and bikes (or walking) were the primary modes of transportation.

Today, the video game controller has sadly taken control of our younger generation. Kids don't know what they're missing - the thrill of adventure that only comes from stepping off your front porch and exploring the world on two wheels.

It's true than many youngsters nowadays participate in group sports like soccer, gymnastics, and Little League. But there's something special about venturing out with a small group of your best pals on bikes, heading toward a new unknown destination and the adventure that follows.

If I were a kid today, I would be saving up my paper route money to buy a ticket to the Krazy Kids Fun Run coming to Hawkeye Downs on July 16. It's a pint-sized version of the Insane Inflatable 5k event that made it's first stop in Cedar Rapids last year (and returns for its second year June 11 at Hawkeye Downs).

credit: Krazy Kids Fun Run

The Krazy Kids Fun Run is a 1 1/2 mile course filled with colorful, creative inflatable obstacles that will excite and challenge youngsters, giving them an afternoon of outdoor activity they will not soon forget.

Imagine being a kid again, and try to recall the first time you saw a "Moonwalk" or "bouncy-house". You just HAD to explore that giant monstrosity! And it didn't disappoint. This time it's back and ten times bigger. The Krazy Kids Fun Run will have 11 huge, giant inflatables to conquer, and a "Krazy Town" midway for more fun.

So give your kids a couple extra chores for them to earn their own ticket to this year's newest, wildest event created just for youngsters.

credit: Krazy Kids Fun Run

Want to take things up a notch? Check out the obstacle course for the Insane Inflatable 5k and register for a wave today to save!