The official launch for Vice Media's new Television channel is just a month away and a trailer promoting the channel has been released that includes commentary from rap king Kendrick Lamar.

Kendrick, who can be seen in his stomping grounds of Compton in the clip, will be featured in a segment set to air on the NOISEY program after the network launches. Host, Zach Goldbaum, travels to Compton to "talk to Kendrick and his friends and find out how his music is making them rethink gang life." Goldbaum and the NOISEY crew capture Kendrick and his community during an average day in the neighborhood and gets him to speak on the impact that rap culture has on his community. "It brings a whole 'nother side of the world to Compton this backyard right here and say 'Ok, these are actually people," the rapper explains in a clip from the segment that's included in the trailer. The trailer also features an additional quote from Kendrick, in which he notes that there are "cats out here really trying to spark the idea of positivity in the community," and is sure to drum up even more anticipation for Vice's long-awaited foray into the world of television.

Other hip-hop personalities that appear in the trailer are Rick Ross, DJ Khaled, and Common, with the later giving his own thoughts on what hip-hop means to him. "This is what we see this, this what we feel, this is how we interpret it," he says, effectively summing up the beauty and purpose of his culture.

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