I'm not the kind of person that craves attention, however, one of the coolest parts of the job, is when that's exactly what happens: when you have the crowd's complete attention.  And one little tyke just found out how much fun (albeit confusing) that power is.

For me, I've been able to utilize this "power" between bands at concerts, or before the start of concerts and sporting events.  For this little guy, it was prior to a parade. Now I'll admit, he did have it a bit easy, as this was one rowdy crowd, as they were gathered for the parade to celebrate the Philadelphia Phillies World Series Championship, meaning this is footage from 2008.  (So weird how these things tend to circle back around.)  I admittedly never saw it in the first go.

As the story goes, his mom snuck out to the median to photograph some crowd shots, and brought her little guy along.  When he put his hands up, the crowd reacted. So he did it again. Same result.  Clearly confused, he does it over and over again (although it's mostly from Mom's prodding "How big is a whale?")  Although clearly startled, he seems to enjoy it enough, that he may have just found his new calling in life as a "hype man."  Love it.