Kinze Manufacturing has taken steps to avoid layoffs in past months. Today they announced, despite their efforts, a large number of employees will have to be let go.

In a statement, Kinze announced they were laying off a total of 215 people, all in the Williamsburg area. The low price of farm commodity's and a large drop in demand for farm implements forced a reduction from 40-hour to 30-hour work weeks for Kinze employees earlier this year. That was certainly a commendable move by the company, but today's announcement tells us that reduction wasn't enough. Kinze is offering severance packages with both compensation and benefits to those affected by today's layoffs. The company will also return its remaining workforce to a 40-hour week.

I personally know at least one person affected today and wish him and everyone involved the very best as they begin searching for new opportunities.

[via CBS 2]