USA Today has released it's annual ranking of college football head coach salaries. If you look at the list you'll see powerhouse programs like Michigan, Ohio State, Alabama, and Florida State. And then, at number 10, you get Kirk Ferentz at Iowa making $4.5 million dollars per season. Yes, some people are going to have a problem with Ferentz's salary. He's actually tied with James Franklin of Penn State who has a far less impressive resume than Kirk. But before you moan at how much the head Hawk is making, take a look at number one!

Michigan's Jim Harbaugh has soared to the top of the list with an annual salary of over $9 million. Last year, Harbaugh cleared $7 million. Not a bad year two raise. Alabama's Nick Saban is number two at just under $7 million. Urban Meyer from Ohio State is number 3 at just over $6 million. Is any coach worth this kind of money? Buckeye and Crimson Tide fans will say yes. Harbaugh has Michigan turned around and ranked number 2 in the nation this week. But what about Ferentz?

The way I look at his salary is this. Where would we be without him? What if we hadn't bumped his salary and he had bolted to the NFL. There is no guarantee that Iowa would have replaced him with someone better. I still contend that no coaching staff does more with less than Ferentz and Iowa. Sure we aren't in the top 20 every year. But where would we be without him?

You can view the entire list of 2016 coaching salaries HERE.