One of the hottest tours this summer undeniably is the Boys of Zummer Tour, with Fall Out Boy, Wiz Khalifa, and Hoodie Allen.  If that line-up alone doesn't demand the need to get a ticket right now, how about this. We're sending you and a guest to LA to see the show, putting you up in a hotel, paying for your airfare, AND giving you $500 CASH!  But here's the thing...  you have to sign up like... NOW!  The contest closes at 11pm Sunday night.  And honestly, there's a ton going on this weekend. Besides the fact that Freedom Festival kicks off, you've got Insane Inflatable 5k this weekend, and of course Father's Day on Sunday.  In other words, tons of distractions, so get registered before you forget.

Seriously, can you imagine how epic this show will be?  Of course Fall Out Boy is incredible, and destroy every show they do.  Then throw in Wiz Khalifa. Nice!  But are you familiar with Hoodie Allen besides "All About It"?  Every checking out like 3 of his videos as I hunted for "All About It", I think I'll be downloading like everything by him tonight.

Don't miss the opportunity.  Get signed up now!