Cedar Rapids rejoice as Freedom Fest is here. (Yup, summer is moving that quick!) Being a big Lego fan, I'm especially excited about the "Freedom to Build: LEGO Extravaganza" that's going on Friday through Sunday at NewBo.  Your LEGO creations competing for Awards, plus just general LEGO fun... I know where I'm going to be.  So how does your kid (or kid at heart) get involved?

Dave Kotinsky - Getty Images

First thing you need to know, it's free to compete.  Just put a team of up to 6 together, ages 12 to adult! (If younger, there's also an 11 and under division, that will simply have their creations on display.) Then get the wheels turning on what to create. There's 4 different categories to create under, including Best Theme (see the rules), most creative, most functional, and the People's Choice Award. You use your own supplies, and all creations must be unique and original, not based off a kit, magazine, or online design.  The base can be no larger than 2ft by 2ft, and the creation can't be larger than 4ft tall.


You'll need to hurry though, as all submissions are due to NewBo between 10a and Noon on Friday, as public judging is from Noon to 5, with the LEGO experts voting from 5p-6p.

I know I'll be stopping by to judge Friday, and will probably be back over the weekend with the kids to do some of the LEGO activities and show off my favorite entries.  I'll get some photos up here too on Friday.

Gareth Cattermole - Getty Images

So why am I not competing if I'm a big LEGO enthusiast?  Well, as one LEGO fan told me, "there's 2 types of builders: The straight to the book, and the creator."  And I am the first type, so according to the rules, I'm out.