The annual pilgrimage to Brucemore happens tonight, as one of the biggest nights of Freedom Fest, the Balloon Glow, takes place. Carson will be there broadcasting live starting just after 5p, right up till when the band starts at 7pm. Whether headed there or not, there's a couple important things you need to know.

Be very cautious driving anywhere near Brucemore tonight, including travel down 1st Ave this afternoon.  There'll be plenty of excited little kiddos all around the area, let alone heavy traffic.  Might want to just avoid the area as best as possible, and take whatever alternate routes you can.  Gates open at 5:30, and crowds will begin showing up long before that.

Did you know you can park at Washington High School and take the shuttle?  Shuttles run from 5:30pm to 10:30pm.  Here's the route:

A) Parking at Washington High School
B) Shuttle drop-off and pick-up at the Linden Ave gate
C) Shuttle drop-off and pick-up at the 1st Ave gate
D) Parking at Washington High School

You can bring blankets, folding chairs, and even soft sided coolers with food and drink. (Don't forget the bug spray too!)  There will be food vendors on site as well. Pets are NOT allowed for safety reasons.

The event is free with your Freedom Fest button. If you don't have yours, no worries as they'll be available for purchase at all entrances.  Kids 8 and under don't need one however.

There will be a band starting up at 7pm.  They are a local group named "Airwaves." You may have seen them at previous Freedom Fests, as they're kind of a staple. (No word if they'll cover "Let It Go" like these rockers did!)

Can't wait for the fun tonight!  We'll see you there!