How does life begin for so many species on Iowa farms? The Animal Learning Center is showing state fairgoers and it's drawing a HUGE crowd.

Saturday when we made our nearly annual trip to the Iowa State Fair, there was a buzz on the street about the baby animals in the Animal Learning Center. We LOVE animals. Add "baby" and we're dropping everything and going there next. And that's exactly what Julie, Courtlin, co-worker Beth, and I all did. We weren't disappointed.

Exactly what's happening in the Animal Learning Center over the next week? Babies of all different species are being born. The above photos cover most of 'em, but not all.

There were at least three sows that were due to give birth to baby pigs any day when we were there Saturday. You can even get text alerts to your phone when babies are about to be born. Simply text BABY to 75782 before you go to the fair so you'll be ready.

Courtney Schaffer of the Animal Learning Center told WHO, "You get to see births happen right in front of your eyes. You get to see the magic of life and see an animal take its first breath and I think it's just a really beautiful thing.”

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