Eight people were honored this week by the Linn County Sheriff's Office for some incredible deeds that were done back in 2015.

Law enforcement officers don't always get the appreciation they deserve, so we wanted to take some time out of our day to thank them for all the amazing things they do on a daily basis! YOU GUYS/GALS ROCK!

We came across an article done by The Gazette earlier this week that specifically names a few individuals who were honored for lifesaving efforts last year. Deputy Todd Egli, Deputy Chad LeMense, Deputy Michael Norman, Deputy Matthew Leeper, Nursing Health Care Coordinator Kelly Ehrisman, Nurse Renee Henderson, Deputy James Uher, and Deputy Chad Shover were all recognized for various deeds that resulted in lives being saved. We want offer our deepest thanks to these individuals for their great contributions to our community.

To read the stories on each of these heroes, click HERE.

[Via The Gazette]