As an Iowa import, I've come to discover choosing an NFL allegiance in this area is a mixed bag, and somewhat hotly contested.  While Green Bay, Chicago, or Minnesota seem to be the top choices, there always a couple other teams thrown in the fray.  Well, a new survey done by Facebook has put the debate to rest.  Linn County's favorite NFL team is...  Chicago!  Believe it or not, that's the top team of choice for a majority of Eastern Iowa, if not a majority of Iowa overall.  North western Iowa seems to prefer the Vikings, while just small clumps are Packer backers (mainly in the North East corner, close to the Wisconsin border). No surprise the South West corner seem to more likely be Kansas City fans.

Another thing this map shows is that the Cowboys aren't necessarily "America's Team", as they don't take an overwhelming majority of the map anymore.  You might be able to argue that Denver now should hold that title.

One thing for certain, no matter what team you choose allegiance to, it's pretty obvious Linn county overwhelmingly choose the HAWKEYES!

So what do you think?  Does this chart seem pretty accurate?