Imagine you're travelling on an interstate in one of America's largest cities and you're involved in a man-made traffic standstill. There is only a handful of happy people in this video, and I'm guessing none of them are being the wheel.

Now I admit this is unique, but just how happy would you be if you were stopped in traffic to accommodate a marriage proposal? It happened Sunday in Houston, Texas, on Interstate 45. A young man named Vidal Valladares Navas and some of his friends stopped their vehicles on the interstate so Vidal could propose to his girlfriend Michelle Wycoff.

Why on the interstate? According to the Houston Chronicle, a motorcycle ride through that area on their second date caused her to mention how much she loved the view, so...

Vidal says traffic was only stopped about 35 seconds. Hopefully, there were no accidents as a result. No complaints were filed, but Houston police are deciding whether or not to file charges.

Unique proposals are great but I think it's a very bad idea to inconvenience other people, and possibly put them at risk. What do you think? Great, romantic idea or dumb move?

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