Tuesday night, Marion 9-1-1 received calls concerning a white substance on cars and houses in part of town. Here's what the city is saying this morning.

The calls came in around 7 p.m. last night, according to the City of Marion and Marion Fire Department. The Linn County Hazardous Material Team investigated and determined it was broadleaf herbicide, likely from an aerial crop duster. The concentration of herbicide, used in farm fields, is believed to pose little risk.

Soapy water can be used to wash hard surfaces and plants can be rinsed with water to further dilute the herbicide. It's recommended that kids and pets be kept away from the affected areas, listed here: The area around the Marion Swimming Pool, roughly the area bordered by 31st Street, McGowan Boulevard, 41st Street, and Willowridge Road and Willowood Avenue.

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The Marion Parks and Recreation Department is also NOT hosting swim lessons at the Municipal Pool today, as a precaution. The decking area of the pool is being cleaned and additional water testing is being done to be sure it is safe for swimmers.

If you find white powder or a white sticky substance in your yard, or on your residence or vehicle, please call the Marion Fire Department at 319-377-8237 to report your location.

[via City of Marion and Marion Fire Department]