A new survey by Enterprise Rent-a-Car asks the question: How far would you drive?

The survey asked Americans how far they would be willing to drive for various activities and destinations, and unsurprisingly, people are willing to go the distance for family.

68% of married people said they would drive 5+ hours to see their spouse, while only 43% of non-married people said they would drive that far to see their significant other.

About 1/3 of individuals said they would drive 5 hours or more to attend a family reunion, but only 1/4 would do the same for a wedding.

The survey also found that 20% of parents would drive 5+ hours to see their child's sporting event, while only 9% would drive that far to see their favorite pro sports team.

And, my favorite part of the survey, reveals that 33% of people would drive over 2 hours to go to their favorite restaurant.

Coming from someone whose hometown is about 8 hours away, I've had to do quite a bit of long-distance driving. I would definitely be willing to drive home for a family reunion or a wedding. In fact, I'll be driving home for a wedding next month! If I had a serious love interest, I would also be willing to make the long trip home. As far as sporting events go, I could not care less! I would also never drive 2 hours JUST to go to a restaurant. I can find a good place to eat MUCH closer.

Would you be willing to drive 5 hours for any of these events? Which ones? Let me know below!