Customers have been asking for a popular item that was left off the all-day breakfast menu since its launch in October. It could be in a McDonald's near you soon.

McDonald's has announced they'll be adding McGriddle sandwiches to more than 70 restaurants in Tulsa, Oklahoma beginning next Monday, February 1. They'll also start making breakfast sandwiches with biscuits available all day.

The items are expected to be tested for two to three months before a decision is made on a larger launch. The concern? Will the additions to the all-day menu prove to be too much for McDonald's to handle? They've already said they're trying to simplify things and improve the speed of order delivery, along with accuracy. McGriddles and biscuits would be warmed in ovens. The same ovens that are already busy with apple pies, mozzarella sticks, and cookies.

Here's hoping they find a way to make it all work so we can grab a McGriddle in eastern Iowa anytime we want. If all works out, we could see them in Cedar Rapids within months. In the meantime, we'll try not to let the craving grab us outside of normal breakfast hours.

[via CNBC]