How many times have you looked at the clock in the morning, then dropped everything, to race out the door to get to McDonalds before they stopped serving breakfast?  We all have at some point. Well forget the rush, as that may all be changing soon.

The story dropped earlier this morning that McDonalds is going to be testing out a new concept. To counter lagging sales lately, they apparently have come up with the ingenious concept to offer select breakfast items all day.  Seriously, what took them so long? Biggest problem now, is that it's only going to be tested, in select markets.  Well, San Diego specifically.

So I say we start a petition/campaign to the people of San Diego, to get them buy, buy, buy flapjacks and every single kind of breakfast sandwich in mass quanity, especially for lunch and dinner.  Who's with me?

Now off to McD's to get my breakfast on cause I've made myself hungry.  Wait, it's after 10:30a.  DOH!