Two men were spreading some joy yesterday morning near Marion!

Katey Anderson was taking her son to daycare on June 6th, when she came across some men who brightened her and her son's day. To thank the men for their good deed, she shared a photo of one of them on Facebook:

Katey Anderson

The caption reads:

"On the way to my children's Daycare two men were on the side of the road holding these signs! On EastPost Road by Marion. At first I thought they were homeless men asking for money, my son said we should give them money but than we got closer & saw what the sign said.This guy said he is a teacher & is out for the summer & wanted everyone to have a good day! I asked if we could take a picture he said yes! My kids got a kick out of it! My son at first was confused & said well it's hot out why would someone do that. But than he said well I'm glad someone that doesn't even know me wants me to have a good day at daycare because he is starting his new summer program today & was slightly nervous! lol I'm glad he saw this shows a prime example of spreading the joy!"

Although Katey didn't get a photo of the other man, she wanted to give a shout out to him, as well.

Sometimes it's little things like this that can make somebody's day! We're glad to see things like this happening in the local area. Keep spreading the love, Iowa!