Chants for Donald Trump continue in Iowa weeks after the caucuses ended. But they aren't for the reasons you might think. His name is being chanted to mock an Iowa high school basketball team.

The Perry boys basketball team is not your typical rural Iowa team. Nearly half of the squad is made up of minorities. The team features players who are Latino, Native American and African American. The team and the school have embraced that diversity and it has shown on the court this year. But others haven't been so accommodating.

WHO TV reports that during Monday night's game against Dallas Center-Grimes featured the opposing team's fans chanting "Trump, Trump, Trump." This was believed to be because of the candidate's threats made against immigrants. It's something that the Perry team has faced most of the season. But the players have turned the other cheek and used it as motivation. Dallas Center-Grimes schools confirmed the chants happened, and say the situation has been addressed.

The team's attitude in the face of discrimination is a product of the attitude of it's head coach, Ned Menke. It should come as no surprise that Menke was awarded with the Iowa High School Association's 'Character Counts Coach of the Year' award this week.

[via WHO TV]