It's been one of the biggest mysteries in music recently. A new artist hits the scene, but no one knows who the artist is, especially with a band name that asks the very question, "Who is Fancy".  Thanks to Jimmy Fallon, the identity has now been revealed.

The song "Goodbye" by new artist Who Is Fancy dropped a few months ago, and came with three different videos.  All were the same, except for the featured singer. So we began to wonder if one of these three was "Fancy" or rather Who is Fancy. All we knew is the manager was Scooter Braun, the man behind Justin Bieber. As this was going on, Justin just started the big campaign to recreate his image, leading some (self included) to believe that maybe HE was the singer behind the single, just voice altered in production. I think a careful listen gives it some plausibility. But if it wasn't him, could it be another major star's alter ego/recreation, or could it simply be a new artist. It was the BIG question for weeks, until Jimmy Fallon finally pulled back the curtain the other night, and all was revealed brilliantly.

Great marketing and best of luck to Who Is Fancy, or is it now simply just Fancy, or should we go with the singer's real name Jake Hagood?  Either way, we totally dig the track.