Meet the Cynical Corridor Bartender, our wise cracking snarky server who has created a new variety of drinks for party-goers from surrounding areas.

Summer time is party time, and folks are always creating new "high-octane" concoctions to share at cookouts, beach parties, and backyard BBQ's. Of course everyone has their own personal preferences, and not every new mixed drink is a hit.

Are you brave enough to try some of these potent potables as recommended by the Cynical Corridor Bartender?

  • 1

    Monticello Jello Shots

    A perfect drink for a backyard party with a few of your neighbors. Until somebody breaks out the slip and slide.

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  • 2

    Fairfax Fireball

    We're sorry Fairfax, but somebody has to drink that cinnamon rot gut, and you're just the town to take the challenge.

  • 3

    Swisher Swifter

    Nice. This is a wine cooler that comes with a dust rag so you can get a buzz on while you clean your house.


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  • 4

    Shueyville Sunrise

    This is the classic, but with double tequila, orange juice, grenadine. After you've had your third, you try to clearly say "take the Shueyville Swisher exit" to your Uber driver.

  • 5

    Marion Martini

    Have you ever noticed that Marion doesn't like to be referred to as "Cedar Rapids"? We have. Say hello to the Marion Martini – stirred, never shaken, with an extra dry sense of humor and a splash of superiority. And no, you cannot get it in Cedar Rapids. It's the Marion martini, you idiot.

  • 6

    The Tipsy Tiffin

    One for the teetotaler this contains no alcohol but suggestive enough still to get a lightweight friend from Tiffin a little bit tipsy.

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  • 7

    Anamosa Memosa

    For all the early risers its OJ with a splash of champagne. In Anamosa, it's the other way around.

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  • 8

    Ely Melee

    Our bartender mixes a batch of 151 proof rum with white lightning moonshine. Serve this to a dozen Ely farmers and watch all hell will break loose. Voila! The Ely Melee!

    Jessica Alexander, Diffuser
  • 9

    Sigourney Weaver

    Sigourney Weaver - One shot of top shelf whiskey followed by three shots of rotgut. After this drink you'll be a "weaver" seeing aliens as ugly as those in all the bad movie sequels. And yes, your bartender knows, it's pronounced "SIG-gor-nee", not "sig-GOR-nee".

  • 10

    Hiawatha Hernia

    Hiawatha Hernia - a beer poured into a mug so big you'll need surgery after you lift it. However, you won't need any anesthesia. You'll be plenty buzzed already.