Each week, we'll be giving you two songs that we believe have the potential to be great, but it really all comes down to what you, our biggest fan, has to say about them. Easy enough, right?

For this week, we give you the new track from Meghan Trainor, "No", as well as the new one from Hailee Steinfeld feat. DNCE, "Rock Bottom".

Meghan Trainor is back and better than ever? Meghan released a new song earlier this week and we still have mixed feelings about it. We can't be too upset about this new sound, as every artist needs to change it up every once in awhile, but is this too extreme? She seems to be channeling her inner "Missy Elliott".  All we know is, "Dear Future Husband," you might have a wanna be on your hand. What do you guys think of this song? Do you catch yourself turning up the music or turning it down and saying, "no"?

For the second pick, Hailee "I Love Myself" Steinfeld is back. But for a girl who sang "I Love Myself, and I Don't Need Anyone Else," she does the opposite and teams with Joe Joans and DNCE. At first listen, you might even think she's got Taylor Swift on the track too. We did. (She doesn't btw.) What do you guys think? Is Hailee trying to hard to fit in and be like everyone else, or do you really think she's sticking to the whole loving herself?

Check these out and vote below.