Each week, we'll be giving you two new songs that we believe have the potential to be great, but it really all comes down to what you, our biggest fan, have to say about them. Easy enough, right? For this week, we have two familiar artists who are back at it again with new tracks. Iggy Azalea with "Team", and Nick Jonas feat. Tove Lo with "Close".

Iggy is back again so soon? It's surprising news that we weren't expecting to hear. However, after hearing her new song we couldn't be more excited she is back! But do you think the new song is good enough to be a hit like the others? We aren't sure yet. But what we do know is that we can't seem to stop catching ourselves dancing.

For the second song, we have the latest from, Nick Jonas Feat. Tove Lo with "Close". Following on his solo artist success of "Jealous", "Chains", and "Levels", Nick collabs with Tove Lo on the debut track for his new album "Last Year Was Complicated," dropping June 10th. What do you think? Is it 'close' enough to being another hit or do you think he's far off? All we know is the video for "Close" is sick!

Check these out and vote below.