Double Stuf Oreo lovers, beware! Oreo Thins are here, and they are not really any healthier than the original.

You will probably be seeing Oreo Thins on the shelves of your local grocery store very soon, and even though you see the word "thin," don't be fooled! The cookie may be thinner, but it only contains 7 less calories than the original Oreo. The cookie is advertised with 34% less calories per cookie, but when your cookie only has 42 calories to begin with, that leaves you with only a 7 calorie difference.

So basically, if you hate Double Stuf Oreos, this is the Oreo for you.

I'm going to stick with fat, delicious Oreos, but that's just me.

Are you down with the new Oreo Thins? Or do you love the original/Double Stuf?

Via ABC News and NY Post