Pop-Tarts have come a long way since 1964, and now 5 new flavors will be making their way to a shelf near you!

I think it's safe to say that everyone enjoys the occasional Pop-Tart. Toasted or un-toasted, frosted or un-frosted; there seems to be a flavor out there for just about every taste. When Pop-Tarts were released in 1964, there were only four flavors: strawberry, blueberry, brown sugar cinnamon, and apple currant. Since then, there have been over 24 different flavors, some of them good, and some of them pretty gross.

Now there are five new flavors of Pop-Tarts coming out, and a couple of them sound pretty strange. Here are the new flavors, including the month they are scheduled to be released in:

  • Frosted Chocolatey Caramel - December
  • Limited Edition Frosted Maple Bacon - December
  • Limited Edition Frosted Watermelon - December
  • Pink Lemonade - April
  • Limited Edition Frosted Spring Strawberry (each Pop-Tart will have a cartoon painting on top of the frosting) - Early 2016

I would probably eat the Frosted Chocolatey Caramel, and I would MAYBE try the Frosted Maple Bacon, but the Frosted Watermelon and Pink Lemonade just do not sound good to me at all. What do you think? Do any of these sound good to you? Let me know in the comments.

[Via CNN]