A new show has opened at Theatre Cedar Rapids, and the reviews are in after the opening weekend. Knowing the topic of the show, and the quality of performance TCR is known for, we're not surprised people are loving it.  That's also why we've snatched up some tickets to give to you.

i107-1 is a proud supporter of TCR, and their new show Clybourne Park, part of the Grandin series.  For those not in the know, it's a smaller show than their main stage shows, performed downstairs in the "black box" style theatre.  But just because it's not a major show doesn't mean it's not packed with power, as this production delivers.

The story is set in 2 acts, set fifty years apart, all based on the community perception of race it's impact on housing.  The show starts with a trip back to the late 50's, where a nervous community is avidly trying to stop the sale of a home in their area to a black family.  It's a theme we've read about, or experienced.  Parts of Cedar Rapids continue to deal with the topic.  And that's where the second act comes in.

During the intermission, the actors reset to present day versions of those same characters.  And this time, it's not about preventing someone from moving in, as that same neighborhood in now predominantly African-american. neighborhood battles to hold its ground in the face of gentrification. (urban renewal/displacement).  It's just interesting to see how the same people react in the different time eras.

In these difficult times, between current situations in neighborhoods around the area and other issues nationwide, this show really hits home.  Yes, it's a bit uncomfortable at times, but it should be.  And the cast executes it perfectly.